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Types of watches:

Digital - A watch that utilizes a digital display to show the time.
Analog - A watch that displays time using an hour, minute and second hand.

Common watch terminology:

Hands - the 3 hands which are used to displaying the current time (longest typically being seconds, followed by minutes and the smallest hand is usualy hours).

Markers - the lines/numbers which assist in telling the time using the watch's hands.

Dial - The portion of the watch which has markers/hands attached and is used to determine the time (most commonly we are used to seeing 12 marks on the dial which indicate the the hours).

Crystal - the "glass" which covers the dial of a wristwatch, can be made out of many materials, ranging from plastic to man made sapphire.

Face - front of the watch, it can mean either the dial or the entire front of the watch.

Movement - The "heart" of the watch, it could range from a battery/stepping motor to automatic/mechanical. There will be a separate entry on just movements at a later time.

Quartz movement - a digital movement that steps analog hands using batter power.

Handwind - a mechanical movement that requires the crown be turned to charge the spring which is used to power the beat of the watch.

Mechanical movement - a series of gears and springs which are used to move the second hand and increment the minute and hour gears. Usually refers to a handwind movement.

Automatic movement - A Mechanical movement that has a rotor which spins while the watch is being worn, thus "charging the watch".

Case - The body of the watch, does not include the strap/bracelet, dial, crystal or movement.

Bezel - This is the area surrounding the crystal, it can either be flush with the case, raised, or a timing bezel can be attached (most common on dive style watches).

Crown - Typically found on the right hand side of a watch, it is used to set the time and date.

Caseback - The part of the watch designed to be removed for maintenance on the watch. Usually either to service/oil the mechanical movement or to replace the battery.

lugs - The space where a strap or bracelet would match with the case of the watch. These are typically measured in mm.

Strap - Typically leather/nylon used to attach the watch to your wrist.

Bracelet - Metal/Titanium band used to atach the watch to your wrist.

buckle/clasp - The device which locks or resizes the strap/bracelet to your wrist.

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Hi everyone,

I am a watch collector and I hope to use this space for reviews, information, and any other tidbits that might come my way. I am an active member on, and have been collecting watches for about 5 years. Currently my top 3 watches are my Omega Speedmaster Pro, Casio G-Shock Frogman GW-200TC-2, and my Marathon TSAR.




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